Commercial Property Management Services

M.A.S. Real Estate Services, Inc. was formed in 1987 by Michael A. Stilb to provide an umbrella organization for the management of a myriad of real estate joint ventures and partnerships and to establish a vehicle for fee management, property accounting services, court appointed receiverships, development, and sales and leasing. As President of M.A.S. Real Estate Services, Inc., Mr. Stilb brings over forty years of experience in the field of commercial real estate development and commercial property management services to the company. He continues to be an ownership partner as well as the developer of various commercial properties in both Tucson and Green Valley, Arizona.


Michael Stilb, as President, oversees the day-to-day operations of all properties.

The commercial property management services staff includes two senior property managers, one property manager, and four accountants. Any other required services are contracted with outside qualified third parties.


The company has acted in the capacity of property manager, receiver, and leasing representative for various apartments, office complexes, industrial buildings, shopping centers, self-storage facilities, and sports & recreational facilities. The firm is recognized for its meticulous approach to all aspects of management and maintenance of its properties.

Property Management Receivership Services - M.A.S. Real Estate Services, Inc.

Property Management & Receivership Services

Our property management services are aimed at maintaining and creating value in real property consistent with the owner or lender’s objectives through the efficient balance of tenant and owner or lender relations, financial budgeting and expense control, risk management and all other operational aspects of the property in compliance with the highest standard of professional ethics. Through strategic planning and investment analysis we can assist the owners or lenders in maximizing the value of a property and positioning it in the marketplace within the objectives defined by the owner.


We provide our clients with a comprehensive range of accounting services that are structured to meet the specific needs of each client. Our accounting software is specifically designed for commercial property management and has proven sufficient for our most discerning clients.

  • Provide complete computerized accounting on the MRI Real Estate Solutions or Yardi Genesis software.
  • Maintain a trust account and pay all vendor bills.
  • Invoice tenants monthly and collect all rent, additions to rent, and fees.
  • Prepare monthly financial statements by the fifteenth of the following month.
  • Prepare and maintain a current rent roll.
  • Prepare an annual operating budget in accordance with owner guidelines.
  • We currently provide accounting services for owners who manage their own properties as well as third-party property managers in Phoenix, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, and California.
Commercial Property Accounting - M.A.S. Real Estate Services, Inc.
Commercial Development Services - M.A.S. Real Estate Services, Inc.


M.A.S. Development, Inc., is a licensed general contractor providing commercial contracting services.

M.A.S. Development, Inc., has provided general contracting services for the construction of tenant improvements for over 250 office, retail and light industrial businesses such as:

  • Oracle at the River
  • Valencia Commerce Center
  • Northpointe Village Centre
  • 4545 E. Ft. Lowell Road
  • 6640-6650 N Oracle Road
  • 4370 S. Fremont Avenue
  • 6670-6690 S. Palo Verde Road
  • 5555 E. Broadway / Stein Mart & Hobby Lobby
  • Lazy Days RV
  • Solon, Corp
  • Santa Rita Hotel Site Demolition
  • 3434 East Broadway, Southgate Shopping Center
  • Living Social
  • Texas Instruments
  • CARF International Headquarters
  • Arizona College Prep Academy
  • Old Town Artisan Shops
  • 6601 E. Grant Road
  • Park and Ajo Industrial Park
  • Green Valley Financial Center
  • La Canada Medical/Dental Complex
  • Green Valley Mall and Wal-Mart/Basha’s Plaza
  • 5151 E. Broadway
  • Tucson Marketplace at The Bridges
  • Pantano/Broadway Retail Center

Our experience and expertise in the construction field makes us highly qualified to offer the following services:


  • Coordinate tenant improvement drawings with the architect and tenant.
  • Prepare a preliminary cost budget based on the schematic floor plan.
  • Bid the tenant improvements to qualified and approved subcontractors in accordance with owner guidelines.
  • Prepare a construction schedule acceptable to both owner and tenant.
  • Supervise day-to-day construction of the tenant improvements to the owner’s quality standards.
  • Monitor preliminary lien notices, collect lien waivers, and process pay applications.


Our objective is to maintain a property in a first class manner in order to develop a platform for full income potential that results in increased operating profits for the owner as well as comfort and stability of the tenant.

  • Review all service contracts and rebid as required.
  • Maintain the property and order repairs and replacement as necessary.
  • Evaluate the need for deferred maintenance and present a proposal for correcting deficiencies.
  • Inspect all suites, both occupied and vacant, to ascertain their physical condition and make any repairs or improvements necessary.
  • Evaluate the property for compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.
Property Inspections - M.A.S. Real Estate Services, Inc.
Real Estate Maintenance - M.A.S. Real Estate Services, Inc.

Records Maintenance

  • Maintain all books and records relating to the leasing, operation and management of the property.
  • Provide a brief monthly status report summarizing leasing and marketing activity, delinquencies, changes in service contracts, tenant improvements, etc.
  • Audit tenant insurance certificates.

Tenant Relations

We recognize that it is more cost effective to retain existing tenants than to seek new ones. Therefore, maintaining satisfied tenants in a comfortable work place is paramount to the success of any property.

  • Complete a tenant satisfaction survey and implement suggestions for amenities and special services as approved by the owners.
  • Implement an ongoing tenant relations program to facilitate lease renewals.
  • Develop a personal relationship with the tenants through lunches, on-site activities and special promotions.
Tenant Management - M.A.S. Real Estate Services, Inc.
Real Estate Management Services - M.A.S. Real Estate Services, Inc.

Sales Package

M.A.S. Real Estate Services, Inc. recognizes the goal of an owner may be to sell of the asset in a timely manner at the highest price obtainable. If requested, we can develop a sales package to be submitted to the Owner for review and approval consisting of:

  • An Income and Expense Analysis.
  • Estimated cost analysis encompassing projected tenant improvement, leasing, marketing and deferred maintenance expenses.
  • Two year prior operating history, when available.
  • Three year cash flow projection.
  • Lease comparables and general information regarding the project and the overall commercial real estate market in Tucson.
  • Demographics specific to the property and its immediate trade area.